Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cinnamon Rolls

Hello, everyone!

Have you heard of Gypsophilia? I hadn't until very recently. Last night, I attended a barn dance at which Oro! Orkestra, a band very near and dear to my heart played before Gypsophilia. I danced my feet off. If you've never in your life had a night or day or hour in which you threw your various limbs in every direction at once because of the rhythm and energy of the music you were listening to, I highly recommend it.

Gypsophilia! And barn decorations!

These cinnamon rolls are brought to you by the calorie-burning dancing, clapping, jumping, twisting, and leaping with which I exhausted myself yesterday.

None of those people are me, obviously, but the center of that floor is where I was.

In this recipe, we return to the counsel of Joy the Baker. This lovely lady recently made cinnamon rolls with a level of pizzazz that I simply can't recreate, so I'm using the base of this recipe, cut in half, minus the pistachios, dark chocolate, and orange peel. Basic cinnamon-sugar is what I need today. 

First, we start by washing the pot.

Then we make the dough. You'll just have to trust me when I say I followed the recipe, because there's something about the distraction of making cinnamon rolls that makes me forget the presence of my camera. Oops. I'm totally rocking this blogging thing.

Anyway, I added to the recipe a little bit. Joy, the wonderful kitchen enchantress, bakes her rolls in a greased pan, but I wanted mine gooey. Goo is the best part of cinnamon rolls, depending on my mood, so I made some caramel in the bottom of the pot. Really the only thing you need is sugar and water, but I jazzed it up a bit.

pat of butter (2 tbsp-ish)
1/4 cup sugar (I like brown sugar, but that's up to you)
dash of honey or maple syrup or any simple syrup
pinch salt

Simmer all of these together on the stove at medium heat, reduce when the mixture starts to bubble. When the caramel turns a nice light orange, take the pot off the heat, because it'll cook some more in the oven. (I overdid the cooking, so it was more like an umber... not good, as you'll see later.)

Place as many cinnamon rolls as possible on top of this caramel and pop them in the oven. Still following the JoytheBaker recipe here, so no need for a second rise.

They come out like this!

Oh, you want a better look? Here:

Wanna see the underside???

LOOK AT THAT GOO! (I should have taken the caramel off the heat earlier, but burnt sugar has some redeeming qualities.)

And there you have a cinnamon pull-apart treat. This was gone in approximately 24 hrs, so it may behoove you to hide half of it, or make two batches. Enjoy folks!

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