Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pot Roast

Hello. Happy first few days of Spring. 

Well, it's still snowy. Here's a roast.

3 pounds of beef from Jordan's Natural Acres.

Clockwise from top: half a litre of red wine, garlic, cinnamon, and juniper berries, bourbon, onions and celery, and mushrooms and balsamic vinegar.

I used the mushroom mixture instead of tomato paste... because I didn't have any. It worked fine!

Seared on all sides,

leaving all those gorgeous drippings in the pan.

Onions and celery in after the drippings are left in the pan. Bourbon right after. When the bourbon boils off, in goes the mushroom mixture, red wine, and spices. 

Roast goes in to slowwwwwwwww cook for 3 hours at 200C. Parchment paper goes on top of the roast, pushed down as close to the pot liquid as possible. Flip the roast every hour.

Now, veggies. Celeriac!


Carrots and leeks! Sliced. 

Last hour of cooking: veggies in.

Sliced up for breakfast. Yum. 

It is so cold. Still. More snow tonight. Help. 

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