Saturday, May 2, 2015

Kingfish Steaks on Tomato-Eggplant Spaghetti

Hello, all. I moved!
Spring has sprung in Toronto.

Unfortunately, I had to leave behind the dutch oven. 
So this is my new OneOven pot, at least for the months that I'm here:

It can't go in the oven, so I'll have to help it out with baking sheets and such.
Kingfish steaks and eggplant quarters. Olive oiled, salted, and peppered before being baked at 425.

Roasted eggplant gets peeled and chopped,

and added to the tomatoes, onions, peppers, and garlic. 
All of this gets boiled for about 20 minutes.

A handful of baby basil leaves goes in too.

Add pasta (any kind) to the eggplant-tomato sauce, toss, and top with baked kingfish steaks. 
On top: lime and parsley.
Salt to taste and yum.

I've got a slight sunburn and couldn't be happier. 
I and Toronto are going to get along just fine.

Enjoy that sun.

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