Saturday, November 7, 2015

Last Week's Vegetables Tart

Why, hello.

It's been a crazy summer and fall, full of blueberries, 
 cherry blossoms, 
Blue Jays,  
 bookstore sales, 

 gigantic muffin cakes, 
 gorgeous mornings, 
 and beautiful nights.

Just a quick sampler, there.
Unfortunately, still no return of the oven.
My roommate has a cast-iron pan. Which means I can do this:
 Delicata squash, fennel bulb, cabbage, onion, and feta tart, inspired by Happyolks' recipe.

First, there's every vegetable that I bought at the market, roasted with good intention, placed in the fridge, and forgot about for a week, in a bowl with half a sliced onion:

plus feta, paprika, nutmeg, thyme, and olive oil.


Pan and pastry, ready to go.

Into the pan, on top of the rest of the onion slices. 
(The light's better over here.)

Folded in and more feta on top.

Egg-washed, after an hour in a 350F oven.

It's good to be back! Happy belated Halloween and Thanksgiving. 
I hope you all had lovely summers and falls.

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